Amore Italian Basket

Starting at $70.00

This bountiful colander is filled with the abundant flavors of Italy. It includes pasta and sauce that is accompanied along with focaccia crisp, flavored cheese, and summer sausage. After enjoying this tasteful dinner indulge in some tiramisu cookies and hazelnut flavored coffee. Also included are wooden utensils and a set of our chef pot holder and dish towel.

1- 3 Quart Metal Colander
1- 1 pound of Pasta Partners Pasta
1- Package of Pasta Partners Gourmet Pasta Sauce Blend
1- 4 oz. Box Focaccia Crisp
1- 3.75 oz. Millie Lacs Flavored Brie
1- 2 oz. Sliced Summer Sausage
1- 4 oz. Box Dolcetto Tiramisu Cookies
1- 2 pack Coffee Gone Loco Hazelnut Coffee
1- Set of Wooden Utensils
1- Set of Chef Pot Holder and Dish Towels